Long Island Photo Gallery - Photos of Long Island
Vicki Jauron


I remember sitting in a cafe on Market Street in San Francisco 30 years ago, with a photography book and a 20-year old Fujica camera wondering how I could make my living as a photojournalist. I'd just graduated college with a degree in International Studies and all I wanted to do was travel the world, take pictures and immerse myself in other cultures. Well, I never got there, instead finding myself locked into the corporate world. Now, as I emerge from that life and enter those "golden" years, I've taken up photography again, this time with a more mature confidence, a greater sense of self, and a pent-up desire to release my creativity and use my business skills to accomplish something for myself.

I enjoy waking up early and reveling in whatever the sunrise brings.  I love photographing people and catching those fleeting moments that tug at our emotions. I get a thrill out of photographing a deer, or a bird, a fox or a hawk. I see reflections where I never did before, and I've had the time of my life capturing photos of a rock concert. I just love being able to anticipate a moment, to see a story unfold and to be able to share it with others in the form of a picture. Life just doesn't get better than this!


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